Morgan on ‘FIFA’ cover positive for youth sports, women’s sports
By Reece M. Krantz ’16 THE ROUNDUP This year’s edition of the popular sports game “FIFA”released its cover athlete as they do every year, except this time they added Alex Morgan from the U.S Women’s National Team. Morgan will appear along side Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi on the American retail version. Other notable women’s soccer players will be changed to match the country of sale. Christine Sinclair for Canada and…
FIFA fever heats up for Xbox 360 tournament

While it seems nearly everyone was excited for March Madness, others were looking forward to the FIFA tournament.

The FIFA club, located in Mr. Mike Nelson’s ’96 room, hosted a campus-wide tournament that started March 15 and was set to continue until there was only one team left.

FIFA is a videogame based on the Fèdèration Inernationale de Football Association soccer league. It is essentially the Madden of the soccer world.