Exam Cram creates new study environment for finals
By Andrew Marini ’13 THE ROUNDUP The first “Exam Cram” will take place both Monday, Dec 17 as well as Tuesday Dec, 18 in both the Harper Great Hall and the Information Commons. Organizers said Exam Cram is a Brophy event that should incorporate the fun of Friday Night Lights with the helpfulness of a study session in which teachers will be around for questions about finals. “It is a…
Final exams necessary to achieve college prep education

By Sean Harris ’11

As the first semester rapidly winds to a close, it can be easy for students to catch themselves daydreaming in class about their Christmas vacation.

However, there is one final hurdle that a student must overcome before their Christmas break fantasies can be fulfilled. This hurdle comes in the form of final exams.

Final exams, which run three days during the last week of first semester stand between students and their freedom. There is no doubt that final exams cause stress in the community; the question becomes is it enough to warrant a change.