Fine Arts Extravaganza

Fine Arts Extravaganza to add new venues
By Tanner Nypen ’15 THE ROUNDUP The Fine Arts Department and Student Council will come together  Nov. 26 for the 2013 Fine Arts Extravaganza. “We are looking to change a few of the venues, a nd spreading out and using the whole campus, rather than having everything be in mall,” said Mr. Tony Oldani. “We are trying to make the artists and art more accessible to people.” The FAE will…
Student bands showcase musical talents
By Michael Ahearne ’14 & Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUNDUP As Brophy musicians come together on and off campus they are able to showcase their musical talents in new ways to larger audiences outside of school. The student bands performed at the FAE showing their talents to the Brophy community. Saint Rosemary: A large group of Brophy and Xavier students stood up and crowded around the stage as band members…
Student artists should display their work more often, off campus
Influx of recent creative talent leaves me in awe, wanting more Michael Ahearne ’14 THE ROUNDUP  The month of November has been a very hectic with Thanksgiving and weird schedules, yet at very same time, it has been filled with a lot of art and talent, especially at events such as the Fine Arts Extravaganza. I have noticed a lot of talented artists come out of the Fine Arts Extravaganza…
Fine Arts Extravaganza set for November 20
By P.J. Binsfeld ’15 THE ROUNDUP The annual Fine Arts Extravaganza comes back to Brophy next month, on Tuesday, November 19th from 6-10 p.m. The event features art, live music, and poetry and prose readings.  There will also be coffee and snacks. There will be live music at the Black Box Theatre, the Mall stage, in the Brophy Art Gallery underneath Romley Hall, and in the Chapel. Students should watch their…
Fine Arts Extravaganza highlights musicians, writers, visual artists

By Alex Stanley ’12, Julian De Ocampo ’13, Roan Enright ’13 & Josh Galvin ’13
The Blackbox Theater was abuzz all night Nov. 22 at the Fine Arts Extravaganza, with school bands and four student acts filling the small theater for more than four hours of music.
The first student organized groups came on at around 8:15 p.m.

Fine Arts Extravaganza gearing up to showcase talent

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

Brophy artists can showcase their creativity in this year’s upcoming Fine Arts Extravaganza, which will take place after school Nov. 23.

“We open the campus up and display and celebrate all the various talents that we have on this campus,” said Assistant Principal for Student Activities Mr. Jeff Glosser.

This year’s Extravaganza will feature exhibitions highlighting the numerous types of talents present at Brophy. Drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography will all be on display throughout the various rooms.