Xavier Food and Nutrition class teaching food preparation
Photo by Noah Lederer ’21 | Harrison Titzck ’20 prepares doughnuts for his food and nutrition class at Xavier. By Vipul Dua ’20 THE ROUNDUP Students often complain about not knowing how to cook and they end up buying insipid school lunches. “So far we have made pizookies, bowtie chicken caesar salad, soft shell pasta, sticky buns, double baked potatoes, and we just made smoothies last week,” said Cassie Kuhler…
Diet Soda Poses Health Risks to Students and Faculty
Photo by Raymond Link ’20| Brophy student gets a diet fountain drink from the soda machine at Michael’s in the Great Hall. By Hunter Franklin ’19 THE ROUNDUP   Brophy College Preparatory committed to only serving diet soda on campus eight years ago to meet national standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ever since the Healthy Food and Hunger-Free Kids Act was enacted in 2010, the U.S. Department…
New restaurant Flower Child offers unique eating options
By Sam Romero ’17 THE ROUNDUP Flower Child offers Brophy students and faculty a close, healthy alternative menu to live by for a better diet and lifestyle. “We try to use healthier alternatives and specific recipes to make sure the items that we have are healthy,” said Lindsay Johnson, general manager of Flower Child, which is now open at Central and Camelback She said that everyone should always start a…
Chef Morten, staff start early in the kitchen
By P.J. Binsfeld ’15 THE ROUNDUP For most students, their experience with the lunch line is to wait, grab food and go. There is much more that goes on in that small room adjacent to the Great Hall that most students never see. “There’s probably a lot of time and effort goes into Michaels but it really probably depends on what day it is and what they’re serving that day,”…
Video: Delis and Dives
A look at favorite local places to eat By Kevin Valenzuela ’13, Roan Enright ’13 and Andrew Marini ’13 Edited by Stavros Moschonas ’13 THE ROUNDUP
Michael’s commemorating seniors on ‘Wall of Fame’
By Andrew J. Barnes ’12 THE ROUNDUP Brophy’s food service, Michael’s, would like to memorialize, celebrate and honor all seniors by posting their pictures on their “Wall of Fame.” They have encouraged all seniors to stop by the Great Hall as soon as possible to get their pictures posted. Linda, from the Michael’s staff, will be taking pictures from 7-9 a.m. daily in the Great Hall.
New chef cooking up change in the Great Hall

By Kevin Valenzuela ’13

A new chef joins the Brophy community this school year.

Chef Kathleen Morton has been a chef for 15 years and has taken the position of chef/general manager for Michaels at the Great Hall.

Sylvia’s provides quality Mexican food

By Chase Stevens ’12

When most people think of Mexican food, images of a Chipotle burrito or a Taco Bell quesadilla enter their minds.

However, Sylvia’s on 7th Avenue is a step above today’s mass-produced Mexican food and offers authentic cuisine.

Once you are seated by the staff, you are presented with complimentary high quality chips and salsa.

Weight management program teaches students how to be healthy

By Chase Stevens ’12

Brophy has started to measure and track every freshman’s health and give them a diet plan they can follow.

Called the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program, the endeavor requires every freshman to have health data tracked, beginning the first time they step into health class.

“We just got funding from the owner of Michael’s (Chef Michael DeMaria) to do this. He believes very strongly about this,” said Mr. Christopher White, Health/P.E. Department Chair and head of the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program.