Frosh Mixer

New Frosh Mixer format gives freshmen better ways to meet, make friends
By Camden Andl ’19 THE ROUNDUP Friday, Aug. 18, Brophy will once again hold its annual Frosh Mixer from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. However, what makes this dance different from years past is that the Frosh Mixer will not exclusively be a dance held in the Great Hall. Student Council faculty leader Mr. Pete Burr ’07 said that, although Student Council has been preparing for the Frosh Mixer since the new…
For First Time Ever, Xavier Hosts Frosh Mixer
Chris Stanek’19 THE ROUNDUP After hosting the annual Frosh Mixer every year since its creation, Brophy turned the event over to Xavier this year. Due to this change many opinions struck up about how it was going to turn out, but no one was sure. Aidan McGuire ’20, a freshman at Brophy, said he enjoyed the Frosh Mixer very much. “I met a lot of Xavier girls and didn’t expect…
Frosh Mixer means moonlit marine madness

By Jackson Santy ’13 & Michael Moroney’13

Amazing, energizing, incredible; all words used by freshmen to describe the annual Frosh Mixer.

Friday, Aug. 20 was a day to remember for the Class of 2014. Walking through the gates of Brophy, past the array of Student Council members dressed in navy sport coats and the yacht parked out front, the freshmen broke the social barrier and officially got the Brophy experience.

The theme of the mixer was “Yacht Club,” a way for students to dress up in sailor hats and khakis.