‘Hardline’ by Electronic Arts and Visceral does not improve on graphics, gameplay, makes multiplayer less interesting
Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service – A scene from “Battlefield Hardline.” Battlefield: Hardline – From Visceral Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC 7 out of 10 By Jack McAuslan THE ROUNDUP “Battlefield” games, specifically the multiplayer aspect, are very well known for a few reasons: big battles, realism and completely destructible environments. These three pieces make up one of the most loved first person shooter franchises…
Make your mark on the Dragon Age

Game developer Bioware has truly outdone itself.

The creator of popular and successful role-playing games like “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” “Mass Effect” and “Baldur’s Gate” among others, has once again raised the bar with its new “dark heroic fantasy” “Dragon Age: Origins.”

As the title suggests, you begin the game by choosing your character’s race, class and origin story, which you yourself play through. You have a choice between three races and three classes: humans, elves, dwarves, and warrior, mage, rogue.

‘ODST’ packs in even more ‘Halo’-style destruction, aliens, gunfire

Many people try to call video games art.

With newer and more advanced graphics, storylines, voice acting and actual conceptual beauty as a result of a hard day’s work, this claim is reaching credibility with each technological leap.

Of course, there are video games which are pure fun. With no real will to supply innovations to the industry other than by providing entertainment, these tend to be addictive, fast paced, and containing either plenty of geometric shapes and puzzles or lots and lots of explosions.