PE provides groundwork for healthy lifestyle, stress management
Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 – Students stretch as a part of their P.E. warmup in Robson gymnasium, April 14. P.E. is an important activity for student health and wellness. By Chase Manson ’16 THE ROUNDUP A recent international study found that for the first time in recorded human history, more people are now considered obese than not. For many, these numbers come as no surprise as obesity rates have…
Overtraining without variety can cause health defects
Photo by Isaac Myers ’18 – Sebastien Ribakare ’18 and Cameron Carr ’19 work out in the Weight Room during lunch Wednesday, April 6. By Jose Cardenas ’16 THE ROUNDUP Exercise is important for the growth of students and athletes; however, too much of it can put their health at risk. Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Education and Health Department Chair Mr. Chris White oversees the management of sports health…
Athletes weigh out physical pros, cons of year-round sports
By Henry Erlandson ’16 THE ROUNDUP Many people are aware that an hour of activity per day is a beneficial to health, especially for teens. But statistics have shown that teens who exercise more than seven hours a week may be at risk for serious injury. With more teens participating in sports, researchers from around the world, and more specifically Switzerland and Canada, set out to find the negative effects…
CVS responds appropriately to tobacco’s dangers, sales
By Chase L. Manson ’16 THE ROUNDUP Drug store chain CVS recently announced it was pulling tobacco products from its shelves. With CVS no longer selling cigarettes, one must wonder what has happened to the industry that once controlled the world. The product seems to be irrelevant and no longer the cool thing to do. The Centers for Disease Control  report that 18 percent of adults smoke in the United…
Sleep deprivation threatens the health, well-being of teenagers

By Aakash Jain ’14
Sleep deprivation is a wide-spread epidemic among American teenagers, according to multiple national studies.
The American Sleep Disorders Association recommends the average teenager get nine and a half hours of sleep per night to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Movember provides health awareness, mustaches for students, faculty

By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14
This November a small portion of students and teachers strolled around campus with unshaven upper lips, an unusual sight considering the school’s dress code.
“Movember” was in the air, a fundraiser sponsored by The Wrangler for raising awareness for men’s health issues. Following the lead of the national campaign, students and faculty alike could buy into the event for at least $25 and then compete to see who could grow the best mustache in one month.

Brophy thriving but still has more to go

The Issue: Brophy has a bright future but needs some changes in order to achieve its full potential.

Our Stance: Adopting changes in our technology program, student health system, campus sustainability and general attitude is necessary.

The Brophy community has grown a lot in recent years, both physically and intellectually.

The growth in different areas has been evident and positive for this school, but there is still progress to be made.

One of the major issues Brophy must further embrace is sustainability on campus.

After the 2010 Summit on the environment, Brophy’s efforts to make the campus more sustainable accelerated, leading to new programs being put in place to foster environmental responsibility on campus.

Vital Signs: Stress surges like a hypodermic shot of adrenaline

By Eric Villanueva ’11
The Roundup

Everyone can name a few causes of stress, like school, clubs, sports, jobs and relationships, to name a few.

However, no one stops to ponder the most elemental question, a question that if answered could help teens to alleviate their stress: What actually happens in our body when we’re stressed out?

If we know how the stress reaction works in our bodies we can better handle our stress and hopefully avoid stress-induced chronic illnesses

To understand the chemical reactions and processes in our bodies that make our palms sweat or our tongues tie, we need to go on a foreign Safari.

Weight management program teaches students how to be healthy

By Chase Stevens ’12

Brophy has started to measure and track every freshman’s health and give them a diet plan they can follow.

Called the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program, the endeavor requires every freshman to have health data tracked, beginning the first time they step into health class.

“We just got funding from the owner of Michael’s (Chef Michael DeMaria) to do this. He believes very strongly about this,” said Mr. Christopher White, Health/P.E. Department Chair and head of the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program.

Flu shot clinic slated for Wednesday Oct. 20

Brophy, in partnership with Mollen Clinic, will host a flu shot clinic for students and faculty Wednesday, Oct. 20.

Parents and students are asked to go and select Arizona, K-12, Catholic Schools – Diocese of Phoenix, Brophy, which will bring up the registration document.

The vaccine is covered by insurance, but if a student does not have insurance the vaccine will be provided to the student free of charge, according to Dean Mr. Jim Bopp in an e-mail.