‘Old Soul’ Hubbell delves into Summit, Justin Bieber
Mr. Ryan Hubbell By Jackson Santy ’13 THE ROUNDUP Mr. Kelly’s question from May 2012’s “Teacher’s Pet:” What did you want to be when you were young? Oh that’s good. This is super nerdy but I wanted to be a paleontologist. I had all these “Nova” and “National Geographic” documentaries about dinosaurs that I would watch. I was really into paleontology. What were you like in your angsty teenage years?…
Mr. Hubbell offers helping hand all over campus

By Kevin Valenzuela ’13

Mr. Ryan Hubbell has not been at Brophy long but his impact has been noticed all over campus; in the Office of Faith and Justice, his classrooms, with the Speech and Debate team and with planning this 2011-2012 Summit on Human Dignity.

Hubbell embraces nickname as ‘the ultimate sub’

By Erik T. Masingill ’12

When teachers are not present for class, the normal reaction for students has been to look for Mr. Scott Heideman.

However, a new faculty member, Mr. Ryan Hubbell, is also a regular substitute this year.

Mr. Hubbell came to Brophy because of all the opportunities it provides students.