Ian Beck

Clarke builds Speech and Debate, advises openness
By Ian Christopher Beck ’12 THE ROUNDUP A decade ago Ms. Elizabeth Clarke was student-teaching in Illinois, filling out applications to graduate school and teaching positions around Chicago when she got a tip from a former Speech and Debate opponent about a job opening in Phoenix. After researching Brophy online, Ms. Clarke’s initial reaction was that the position wouldn’t be a match for her. But after a successful interview, Ms.…
Guitarist draws on legends for inspiration

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Junior Kevin Cabano ’12 is a hard person to miss in a crowd.

His curly hair fashioned into a large mop on top of his head has made him quite recognizable.

But there is much more to Cabano than his crazy hairdo.

Loyola Academy debuts in August

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Brophy will open Loyola Academy in 2011, a middle school for underprivileged students that will be located on the second floor of Loyola Hall.

“It’s a new program, part of Brophy, to help those students who have the intellectual ability to do well at Brophy but don’t have the academic and study habits background,” said Brophy President Fr. Eddie Reese S.J.

The program is geared toward taking the academically gifted out of the public school system and installing them into a middle school environment that will better prepare them for Brophy.

Ever-growing competition raises stress level among student athletes

By Ian C. Beck ’12 & Tyler J. Scott ’12

In “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,” NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby lives by the motto “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

This win-or-go-home attitude has extended from the surreal world of Hollywood action comedies to the all-too real world of high school athletics.

Brophy is seen by many as an athletic powerhouse. Visitors who enter the Robson Gymnasium will see the multitude of championship banners that plaster the interior of the gym like red and white wallpaper.

But with such levels of success comes an expectation to win that has its drawbacks for student athletes today.