Immersion Trips

Do Immersion Trips Change Who We Interact With?
Jose Acuna ’20 Cooper Parson ’20 THE ROUNDUP Brophy gives its students many opportunities to branch out and expand their horizons of other cultures. From Kino Border Initiative to the Peru Exchange, these opportunities give us the chance to see the world from a different view. But do they really make us more diverse as a community? We go out and immerse ourselves into a world different than our own,…
Summer pilgrimage follows Ignatius, illuminates Jesuit history
Photos by Mr. Paul Fisko and Cameron Bray ’16 — Several students traveled to Spain over the summer By Cameron M. Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP Our pilgrimage across Spain began July 10 when we reached Azpeitia, a city in the Basque Country near where St. Ignatius of Loyola was born. When we reached the convent where we were staying, we exited the bus and were immediately awed by the gorgeous…
Smith: Early immersion trips expand students’ horizons

By Josh Galvin ’13
The Roundup

Mr. Tommy Smith could not help but chuckle as he remembered the Greyhound bus ride to Los Angeles five years ago with Mr. John Damaso ’97 and eight students.

In the five years since that first trip, the L.A. Urban Plunge immersion has gained a stronger and stronger following, with 55 applicants in the past year, according to Mr. Smith.

Spain trip deemed a ‘life changer’

By Andrew J. Barnes ’12

Brophy students and teachers did not know what they were getting themselves into when they signed up for the Spain immersion trip that lasted two weeks in early August.

Attending World Youth Day, touring art museums and cathedrals and walking more than 76 kilometers over a five-day stretch were the highlights of the trip for eight students and two faculty leaders.

Family to Family inspires hope for young El Salvadorians

By Chris Baca ’11

Completing high school is something that many people in today’s culture do not see as a major accomplishment.

However, for the residents of two villages in El Salvador, this is a near impossibility.

This sentiment was shared by Michael-Owen Panzarella’11 who said in his blog, “In America we are forced to go to school through 12th grade.”

OFJ plans new trips to Spain, Alabama, Washington D.C.

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

In addition to the many existing immersions opportunities at Brophy, the Office of Faith and Justice hopes to offer a number of new advocacy and immersion trips to Washington, D.C.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Madrid, Spain, as well as a Phoenix “plunge.”

Although all trips are tentative and subject to change, the OFJ faculty hopes they will create a number of new opportunities for students to grow in mind and spirit.

The trip to Madrid, Spain will coincide with World Youth Day in August 2011. The excursion will include visits to many Ignatian and Jesuit sites in Spain. This may be the only time the trip is offered.