Haiti immersion trip opens eyes, changes perspective
Brophy students and teachers visit with children at a Haitian orphanage Fermathe.  By Anthony Cardellini ’17 & Andrew Howard ’17 THE ROUNDUP Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how much and how great the world’s poverty is. More frighteningly, it is difficult to think of any ways for students like us to make a dent in that poverty. Going on the first Brophy Haiti immersion trip, March 27 to April 2 offered…
Photos/Video: Students travel to Nogales for 1 day immersion experience
Photo by Christian Franco ’15 – An armed officer watches as a freight train prepares to cross the border from Nogales, Mexico into the United States. Brophy students traveled to Nogales, Mexico Feb. 6 on one of the school’s Kino Border Initiative immersion trips. Photos by Michael Abert ’15 & Christian Franco ’15/Video by Cameron Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP A small group of Brophy students and faculty members traveled to…
Argentinians discuss immersion experience
By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP This February, 16 students from Argentina visited Brophy along with one of their teachers as part of the Immaculada Exchange and Immersion Program, which started in 2009. The Argentinians attend Colegio Immaculada, a Jesuit high school in Santa Fe, Argentina that was founded more than 400 years ago. Sante Fe is in northeastern Argentina and has a population of fewer than 400,000. Facundo Bergallo,…
Students document immersion trips through blogs

The countries of South America may be a popular tourist destination for many, but the Brophy students who ventured to Argentina, El Salvador and Peru this summer weren’t there just to relax – they were there to serve and learn.

Spain trip deemed a ‘life changer’

By Andrew J. Barnes ’12

Brophy students and teachers did not know what they were getting themselves into when they signed up for the Spain immersion trip that lasted two weeks in early August.

Attending World Youth Day, touring art museums and cathedrals and walking more than 76 kilometers over a five-day stretch were the highlights of the trip for eight students and two faculty leaders.

Appalachia immersion trip provides valuable experience

By Alex Stanley ’12


While many Brophy students were catching up on sleep two days after finals finished, nine students and three faculty members made a long trek to West Virginia to help serve the poor and disadvantaged.

I had the pleasure of going on the trip, where we visited towns, both small and big, with the purpose of immersion into the people’s daily lives.

The trip was in cooperation with Wheeling Jesuit, which provided guides, a place to stay and activities to do.

Puebla trip offers education and experience

We went to Puebla planning to do community service work, but many of us never thought through the work we did and the people we met, we would learn about culture and realize how truly lucky and blessed we are.

On July 4 16 incoming juniors accompanied by three teachers set off to Cholula, Mexico for 10 days; thankfully, I was fortunate enough to be one of the 16 students.

The town we stayed in, Cholula, is a small city in the state of Puebla, and is located two hours south of Mexico City.

Broncos spend summer immersed in Argentina

This past summer on May 31, Brophy sent 10 students on a cultural immersion trip to Santa Fe, Argentina.

As every school year ends, many students think about the freedom and relaxation that accompanies summer.

A select few, however, have the opportunity to travel to another country and immerse themselves into another culture, learning many new things about that country and quite often about themselves.

Brophy eco-students globetrot their way to Germany

Five Brophy students scramble off a departing German tram and walk past the sign for the Jesuit retreat center Henrich Pesch Haus.

These students are not Brophy’s European Jesuit counterparts, but in fact Brophy students about to join an international conference on climate change.