Student body, administration call for immigration reform
By Garrison Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP A letter sent out by Principal Mr. Bob Ryan in September regarding activism for immigration reform struck a chord within the student body. The purpose of the email, originally sent Sept. 19, was to inform students and faculty of the upcoming events immigration reform. In the email, Mr. Ryan referenced a recent letter sent by the Rev. Mike Weiler SJ that touched upon immigration…
Sparks fly after recent SB 1070 controversial regulations
By Brett A. Mejia ’13 THE ROUNDUP As SB 1070, Arizona’s 2010 tough stand on immigration, continues to be scrutinized, it may be the police department that finds itself in trouble. SB 1070 is useless and unnecessary. Others say the bill will help control the flow of illegal immigrants into this country. Whatever the case may be, all that matters is the current issue at hand with the bill. Police…
SB1070 defends Arizona borders

Arguments over Arizona’s border have plagued the media in recent months.

These old arguments have gained new attention because of Arizona’s newest weapon for its porous border: Senate Bill 1070.

SB1070 cracks down on illegal activity within the state by screening businesses and employees more thoroughly, reinforcing probable cause probes and drawing federal attention to the war on the border.