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Football season creates busy newsroom too
By Brett A. Mejia ’13 MANAGING EDITOR 3…2…1… The buzzer sounds and the game ends For one school, it’s the sound of a vic tory. For another school, it’s the sound of a heartbreaking defeat. But for journalists and photographers, it’s a reminder that they need to race to the field to get interviews, pull together stats and edit their best photos from the night. There is more than meets…
‘Bronco Beat’ music coverage debuts on Roundup website

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

In a 2005 essay published in Scotland’s The Sunday Herald, the great late author Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government, our corporations, our media, and our religious and charitable institutions may become, the music will still be wonderful.”

We here at The Roundup recognize that while events like the Occupy Protests or school drama are unfolding, the music will always be, as Vonnegut said, wonderful. That’s why we’re happy to unveil the expansion of our music coverage into “The Bronco Beat.”

Journalism I brings fresh faces, fresher style to newsroom

By Joe Skoog ’13

For the students in Mr. Mica Mulloy’s ’99 Journalism I class, things can seem quite daunting.

Introduction to the writing styles of journalism is a new experience for many, and there are a lot of pressures that spawn from the “hit the ground running” mentality that The Roundup has.

The Roundup staff consists of two groups of students that meet during the same class period. First year students make up the Journalism I class and second year students make up the Photojournalism course.

Anonymous letter to the editor concerning

By Eric Villanueva ’11

The Roundup recently received an anonymous letter to the editor about the behavior of several Brophy students at a restaurant one afternoon.

For reasons outlined in our Commenting Policy, we were unable to publish the letter online or in the monthly print edition.

We do not publish anonymous letters because we require the author’s information to verify all information in the letter. We do so to make sure the letter is truthful and objective.

How to create a descriptive environmental portrait

In The Roundup’s October edition there was an article on Danny Riggs ’11, a defensive end on the football team.

I took the photo of Riggs to accompany the article.

Normally a general rule for photos in The Roundup is that we use candid photos that are not setup or posed.

Words from the wise is made by students, not staff

Every month, the staff of The Roundup takes pride in seeing the new edition spread throughout the Brophy community.

More often than not, students will immediately flip over to the back page, home of the “Words from the Wise.” This is a column that is intended to be funny, topical, pertinent or thought provoking.

It’s no secret that people like funny quotes the most, and we occasionally hear rumblings of a desire for “more funny.”

Roundup launches new multimedia project

By Michael Mandeville ’11
Managing Editor

Throughout the Brophy community there breathes a multitude of idiosyncrasies that illustrates the ‘soul’ we are all a part of.

Between the diversity students and faculty all contribute to and the traditions that pulse year after year, the “Soul of Brophy” makes known all of these characteristics and more importantly answers our underlining question: What makes Brophy “Brophy?”