New Jesuit Mr. Gonzales brings personal approach to service
Photo courtesy of Brophy | Mr. Gonzales gives a speech to students in the Great Hall. By Victor Beck ’20 THE ROUNDUP Mr. Marcos Gonzales is a new member of Brophy’s faculty and seeks to promote a culture of healing and transformation for everyone on campus through his work in the Office of Faith and Justice. Before coming to Brophy, Gonzales worked in Los Angeles at Homeboy Industries as a…
Photos: Students attend annual Mass of the Holy Spirit
Photo by Devin McManimon McNally ’17 | Brophy students celebrate the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit Aug. 21. Photos by Devin McManimon McNally ’17 & Gray Olson ’17 THE ROUNDUP Students attended the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit Aug. 21, a tradition at Jesuit schools. Click here to view photos from the Mass.
From the Archives: A 2011 profile of Fr. Harry “Dutch” Olivier
Editors Note: Fr. Harry “Dutch” Olivier, SJ died March 17, 2015 at the age of 88. Here’s a profile from 2011 of his long life as a Jesuit priest and impact here on campus. This originally published in April 2011. By Eric Villanueva ’11 & Tyler J. Scott ’12 THE ROUNDUP From a shelf in his office within the Office of Faith and Justice, the Rev. Harry “Dutch” Olivier, S.J. pulls…
Photos/Video: Students travel to Nogales for 1 day immersion experience
Photo by Christian Franco ’15 – An armed officer watches as a freight train prepares to cross the border from Nogales, Mexico into the United States. Brophy students traveled to Nogales, Mexico Feb. 6 on one of the school’s Kino Border Initiative immersion trips. Photos by Michael Abert ’15 & Christian Franco ’15/Video by Cameron Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP A small group of Brophy students and faculty members traveled to…
Mar reflects on time as prison chaplain
Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 – Mr. Mar prepares for his first period class before school, Thursday, Jan. 7. By Hayden Prescott Corwin ’15 THE ROUNDUP During the late ’90s, Mr. Tom Mar was a prison chaplain at San Quinten State Prison in California. He was about 25 years old and had just graduated from Stanford University. Inspiration to become a prison chaplain came to Mr. Mar after hearing Sister…
Campus History: Brophy’s founding donation nearly given to U of A
By Garrison Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP Many members of the Brophy community are familiar with the story of the school’s founding, but most are not likely to know a Jesuit institution was not the original plan for Mrs. William Henry Brophy’s $250,000 donation. Only two years before Brophy’s 1928 founding did Mrs. Brophy decide to fund a Jesuit institution. The original destination for the money she inherited from her late…
Fr. Olivier shares love of cinnamon gum
By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP For around the last 20 years, the Rev. Fr. Harry Olivier, S.J. has served as the football team’s chaplain. In this role, Fr. Olivier leads Masses and team prayers in the chapel before and after games. “When I first came, I was not the chaplain of the football team. I just used to go to the games,” Fr. Olivier said. “After the chaplain was…
Fr. Reese celebrates half-century as Jesuit

By Ian Christopher Beck ’12
Brophy President the Rev. Eddie Reese, S.J. celebrated his 50th anniversary of being a member of the Society of Jesus Saturday, Oct.1.
Fr. Reese, who has served as president of Brophy for 15 years, became a Jesuit in 1961.