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Xavier Gator : Morgan Kelley
By Josh Galvin ’13 THE ROUNDUP For official Roundup purposes, please state your name and year. Morgan Kelley, and I’m a senior. First thing after graduating? I’ll probably hang out with my friends until the end of May, and then I have an internship in Boston for Doble Engineering for chemical engineering. That’s pretty far away. Are you sick of Arizona? Well I’m staying in state for college, so no…
Video: Science fair encourages experimentation, interest among students

Students tested and experimented to create projects to showcase at the annual science fair in February.

Students who won 1st place in their category moved on the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair on April 1st, after which the top students will attend the International Science and Engineering fair in Philadelphia.

City stats show 7th St., Indian School most dangerous intersection near campus
By Josh Galvin ’13 & Brett A. Mejia ’13 THE ROUNDUP There are few things scarier to a student driver than an accident. Lives are endangered, insurance rates soar and a permanent black mark appears on a newly acquired license. Yet according to Brophy Security Director Mr. John Buchanan, Brophy student drivers continue to impress him. “Our students do very well in their driving; they’re very courteous,” Mr. Buchanan said.…
Spanish Honors Society’s “Las Posadas” celebration breaks cultural boundaries
By Josh Galvin ’13 THE ROUNDUP The crowd huddled around the door on a cool December morning, singing a plea for entrance. Some spoke only English, while others sang the verses in fluent Spanish. Clearly, these people came from two different cultures; under normal circumstances, they would not associate in this way. However, during this particular celebration, it did not matter. In that moment, they became united through God. Dec.…
Kindle Fire launches to public scrutiny, faces stiff competition

By Josh Galvin ’13
With the holiday season encroaching upon the consumer world once more, corporations have begun to flood the market with a new round of the latest gadgets.
Yet while HDTVs, Apple products and other high-demand electronics remain at the top of lists around the globe, the fourth quarter also serves as a reminder that not all products live up to their hype.

Teachers recognize rich campus history
By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14 & Joshua Galvin ’13 THE ROUNDUP Looking at an aerial picture of the Brophy campus from 1928, the Brophy bell tower stands resolute much like the present day. Aesthetically, the buildings have maintained their timeless appearance, but the community housed within their walls has morphed and grown over the years. Mr. Tom Reithmann and Mr. Dan Whitehead are two teachers who have seen a wealth…
DiMino dazzles despite demands, late start

By Josh Galvin ’13

Imagine starting at a new high school as a junior, two years behind the curve.

At any school this would prove quite the daunting task, but with Brophy the challenge is magnified.

Show Choir sets stage for Brophy/Xavier elective class

By Josh Galvin ’13 & Jackson Santy ’13

Every day at the beginning of period 7, Brophy and Xavier students alike gather in Xavier’s Performing Arts Center, but not as in years past for play rehearsal.

The 2011 Fall semester marked the beginning of Xavier’s Show Choir class and a big step in the community’s contemporary artistic innovation.

Started by Xavier choral director Mrs. Amanda Sherrill, the class takes a modern approach to traditional choir classes, incorporating popular songs with choreographed dancing.