KBI brought me to my heritage, a harsh reality  
Photo by Luis Torres ’16 — Students participated in Brophy’s immersion trip to Nogales. Video by Mr. Pete Burr and Jake Lee ’16 By Luis Torres ’16 THE ROUNDUP Brophy’s immersion trips aim to show students the reality of the world around them by varying in locations from Appalachia Mountains to the “campos” of El Salvador. I was fortunate enough to have gone on the weekend trip with my Brophy…
Photos/Video: Students travel to Nogales for 1 day immersion experience
Photo by Christian Franco ’15 – An armed officer watches as a freight train prepares to cross the border from Nogales, Mexico into the United States. Brophy students traveled to Nogales, Mexico Feb. 6 on one of the school’s Kino Border Initiative immersion trips. Photos by Michael Abert ’15 & Christian Franco ’15/Video by Cameron Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP A small group of Brophy students and faculty members traveled to…
Kino Border Initiative offers firsthand immigration insight

By Julian De Ocampo ’13
The Roundup

It’s all too easy for advocates on both sides of the illegal immigration debate to pull the most menacing numbers and stats out of a hat without any regard to the humanity of the issue.

Perhaps that’s why the issue, despite being especially pertinent to Arizona residents, seems almost distant and far-away to most students – it’s become a war of numbers, not human life.