Lady Gaga

New Perry, Gaga, Cyrus singles catchy, over saturated, repetitive
By Chase L. Manson ’16  THE ROUNDUP  While the hot summer months wind down, new music from singers we love and some new faces start to rev up. The debates are endless: “Roar” versus “Applause,” Lady Gaga versus Miley Cyrus. The fandom Twitter wars are dominating the site. The hot new singles are about to face judgment,whether they like it or not. “Roar” by Katy Perry 8.5 out of 10…
Decade of dance continues to draw listeners

When Lady Gaga told the populace to “Just Dance” in 2008, it seemed less like a suggestion and more like a command.

“Just Dance” may have well been the mantra that guided the charts in the last few years, as popular music has made a fundamental shift that caters to the nightlife.