Outgoing editor encourages students to seize the day

As I sit at my computer, clacking away at the keyboard while my bright lamp illuminates a few items on my desk (red pen, reporter’s notebook and recorder) I am reminded of the many times I have been in this deadline situation.

However, this time is different. This is my last edition in as Editor in Chief, the last time I will be pressured by the infamous deadline and perhaps the final words I will ever publish in The Roundup.

I don’t mean to be melodramatic and count “lasts”; it’s just interesting how journalism can correlate to life in general.

Departing editor offers graduated wisdom

As the year comes to a close once again, another group of seniors departs from Brophy.

Unfortunately, it is my class’ time to leave Brophy, and the administrators were right when, what seems just like yesterday, they said that Brophy would be the fastest four years of our lives.

I still can’t fully grasp the idea that this “group of seniors” is my class; the guys I have gotten to know so well during my time here.

Mayasich, organ donors give the gift of life

When Robby Mayasich ’10, known as a giving and caring person his entire life, passed away he left behind a gift that would change lives.

He was an organ donor, or someone who gives their vital organs to medicine for a transplant in event of their death.

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car while running a relay race with friends several days earlier.

Family, friends, faculty gather March 8 to honor life of fallen friend

Nearly 2,000 people gathered together in St. Francis Xavier Church Monday, March 8 to say one final goodbye to Brophy senior Robby Mayasich ’10.

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car and sustained severe injuries while running the Ragnar Relay Race Feb. 27.

The church was filled to the brim with friends, family and Brophy faculty.

Mayasich remembered as ‘kind and giving spirit’

“He was who he was, always,” said Cooper Davis ’10 about his friend Brophy senior Robby Mayasich ’10. “And that is what made him so special.”

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car during a running race several days earlier. He was 18.

Friday, Feb. 26 a group of Brophy students along with others from around Arizona entered the Ragnar Relay. Ragnar is a race that starts in Prescott and ends in Mesa.