Michael Mandeville

Administration envisions changes to tech, infrastructure

By Eric Villanueva ’11 & Michael Mandeville ’11

As assiduous students hustle through their academic and extracurricular commitments at Brophy, the development of the community can be disregarded.

Besides the infrequent manifestation of Brophy’s expansion projects like the Brophy Sports Campus and the recently announced Loyola Academy, students rarely experience a developmental agenda that is both on-going and all-encompassing.

World issues should matter at home

By Michael Mandeville ’11

We’ve heard about the earthquake victims in Haiti, Chile, Japan; those protesting against the oppressive governments of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt; and a decent portion of others struggling against, well, just about everything in the world.

So beyond our prayers and classroom discussions, do students really express much concern? Should our generation have to care?

Xavier Gator
By Michael Mandeville ’11 THE ROUNDUP Could I get your name for, you know, legal purposes? What legal purposes? Ugh, Katie Grinstead. We have a strict code here. What code? I’m unaware of any rules The Roundup is following, consider you— That’s confidential. Anyway, how’s your semester coming along? Pretty well, I’ve been keeping up with my work, maybe a little more than others seem to be. No, no, how’s…
Strong music opinions conflict with purpose

By Michael Mandeville ’11

My music taste is better than yours, deal with it.

Here is the thing fellow Broncos, I like a very particular kind of music, and I will always be certain that it is better than whatever it is you are listening to.

I can’t help it, but that’s the nature of the situation.

Any pop “alternative” rock, new-reggae, dub-step, hard-step, whatever-step is just noise to me.

Danimal Collective a remarkable experience, makes way for future ventures

At last semester’s Fine Arts Extravaganza a group of musically inclined individuals dubbed “Danimal Collective” performed an hour’s worth of music for a vivacious crowd of about 350 wonderful faces.

I was indeed one of these individuals.

Indulging in the energy of the music and audience, I can very well speak for the entire ensemble that it was an exceptionally marvelous experience, one we hope to recreate in the near future.

The Roundup: Inside the newsroom

By Michael Mandeville ’11

While the Roundup remains a monthly publication, the staff (consisting of Journalism I and Photojournalism courses and a group of contributors) is busy issue to issue providing Brophy with its award-winning student newspaper.

The writing and editing process does occupy a good chunk of this time, but once all the content is ready for print, the staff designs the the actual paper over a few class periods and what we call “Late Night Layout.”

Students immerse in ‘Waiting for Superman’ dialogue

By Michael Mandeville ’11

Davis Guggenheim’s most recent film “Waiting for Superman,” a look at the broken American public school system, sparked national debate and concern.

Brophy students had their opportunity to become a part of the discussion on Nov. 1 during a screening of the documentary presented by Wells Fargo Bank followed by an open discussion.

A diverse mix ranging from fifth-graders all the way to high school seniors (primarily enrolled in public education) filled Scottsdale’s Camelview 5 Theater for the event.

Academic competition stifles students’ classroom potential

By Michael Mandeville ’11

Just about every year I hear the same banter over and over again, usually from the same set of individuals.

Students boasting grades, test scores, etc., it all becomes the same after a while.
I know you are in six advanced placement classes, Mr. I-want-everyone-to-know-I-am-smarter-than-you.

Luckily enough this implied competition could be a lot worse, but it’s still relatively unavoidable year to year.