Movie Review

A Man and His Movies: ‘The Change-Up’ takes body switch genre to new level

By Jackson Santy ’13

“The Change-Up” – Starring: Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds

The comedic “switch-up” movie subgenre has been around for decades. Films such as “Big” and “Freaky Friday” have always attracted viewers across multiple generations.

However, this month’s release of “The Change-Up” takes the switch-up comedy to a whole new level of humor and vulgarity.

‘Waiting for Superman’ makes Superman cry

By Rohan Andresen ’12

“Waiting for Superman,” a well-made documentary by Davis Guggenheim, illustrates how dysfunctional our public school system has become.

It follows the stories of five children, many of whom are from families that struggle economically, who are trying to seek a good education.

Their parents are met with tough obstacles that ultimately lead up to all five students (Daisy, Emily, Francisco, Bianca and Anthony) applying for the lottery that public schools offer.

New ‘Harry Potter’ enchants students with an exclusive preview

By Rohan Andresen ’12

As Brophy students, teachers and friends filed into the Harkins Christown Theater around 6:30 p.m. Nov. 18, the excitement was palpable.

Audience members were adorned with Hogwarts cloaks, excitedly waving their wands and quoting spells as they waited for part one of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” to begin.

Brophy rented out two theaters at Christown and sold tickets for $15. Students were limited to purchasing two tickets.

‘The Karate Kid (2010)’Movie Review: Newest ‘Kid’ is the ‘best around’

The lyrics of once little-known artist Joe Esposito’s 1980s mega-hit on “The Karate Kid” soundtrack, “You’re The Best,” echo throughout the fourth addition to the much-beloved series “The Karate Kid,” in theaters since June 11.

Like any classic remake, the plot of “The Karate Kid (2010)” is edited only slightly from the story of the original 1984 film, but is set in China, which adds just enough of a new twist to an old favorite to make it desirable to see.

Clowns, Twinkies and brains take the screen

Welcome to Zombieland, a world where the living dead rule the planet and a handful of survivors are in search of a sanctuary–as well as some Twinkies.

Joining the ranks of horror comedies featuring most notably “Shawn of the Dead,” “Zombieland” does nothing revolutionary, yet still manages to produce brilliant moments that make the movie well worth your time.