Ms. Mason

Audio: Teachers use new teaching methods to improve student learning
By Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUNDUP As our country’s focus on education continues to grow, teachers are changing their methods of teaching to improve students and the way they learn. Ms. Jessica Mason (XCP ’04), a math teacher on campus, uses a new style of teaching called a flipped classroom in which she believes is an improvement on the traditional teaching method.
Mason partakes in transcontinental travel, hikes Mt. Fuji
By Chase Bayless ’15 THE ROUNDUP When Ms. Jessica Mason isn’t teaching math, she can be found traveling the world. She has been overseas on many trips throughout her life. From visiting Paris and Scotland as a student, to recently spending two months backpacking alone throughout the unfamiliar territories of Europe, she has seen many foreign places. She also spent a month in Japan, starting and ending her journey in…
Math teacher Mason competes in tournaments, strives to be karate master
By Nick May ’13 THE ROUNDUP Children and adults competing in and watching a martial arts tournament Nov. 10 fill a quiet, dully lit conference room at the Hilton Scottsdale hotel. After waiting for her peers to display their skills, Ms. Jessie Mason stepped up to show off her black belt karate abilities. “I’m a first degree black belt,” Ms. Mason said. “Black belt is the highest rank you can…