Video: Awaken Coffee sets up shop at Brophy
Video by Camden Andl ’19 and Spencer Inglett ’19 THE ROUNDUP Brophy grads Harrison Bowers ’11 and Tyler Christensen ’11created their own coffee company in 2016, and will be selling their brew around the Brophy campus for the rest of the school year.
Video: Recap of the Dutch Opening Ceremony
Produced by Bryce Owen ’17 THE ROUNDUP On January 4th Brophy celebrated the opening of the new practice gym known as “The Dutch”. Containing a basketball court, weight room, wrestling room, golf simulator, indoor track, classrooms and a lounge area, The Dutch allows for students to compete, train and socialize in an open and welcoming area on campus. Photo of Fr. Olivier by Ben Liu ’15 Song: Lope and Shimmer…
Faces of Brophy: Edwin Perez-Morales
Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 Edwin Perez-Morales ’18 “The most exciting thing in school right now is the Sophomore Research Project. I enjoy spending time just researching poems and doing assignments.”
Faces of Brophy: Christian Smith
Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 Christian Smith ’16 “[Yoga] opened up so many things … when you do it you feel really serene. I want to give other people that feeling so that they feel as amazing as I do when I do yoga.”
Faces of Brophy: Ted Donley
Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 Ted Donley ’16 “[Cura Personalis] has helped me bring together things I’m good at and things I’m passionate about. I think that’s the best way to be successful in life, is to be passionate about what you do.”
‘The Order: 1886’ boasts epic world, generic gameplay
“The Order: 1866″—Sony Computer Entertainment—for PlayStation 4 6 out of 10 By Cameron M. Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP “The Order: 1886” is perhaps the most disappointing game I’ve played so far this year. Not knowing much about it except for the E3 trailer I watched last year, I entered the game with some amount of enthusiasm. “Werewolves and some sort of order; I could get into this,” I said. My…