Feature Package: Student Health—a diagnosis of habits, food, exercise and lifestyle
Illustration by Miguel Montañez-Aragon ’16 – Staying healthy can concern anything from working out and eating right to sleeping well and properly treating illness. While we may consider everyday activities such as eating, hydrating, exercising and sleeping to be unimportant or regular functions, these activities can have profound effects on our health. This edition The Roundup looks at the multiple ways our lives and educational careers depend on keeping our…
Special Feature: What’s your style?
Every aspect of our experiences as students—the way we dress, the music we listen to, the food we eat, the sports we play—is a product of our various personalities and styles. But for something that so much defines us, we rarely stop and think about style in and of itself. More and more often, students find themselves trying to fit in instead of stand out. This edition is dedicated to…
Feature: 2016 Summit on Violence
Illustration by Miguel Montanez-Aragon ’16 The Summit on Human Dignity is an annual event sponsored by the Office of Faith and Justice. Running for two weeks in March, the Summit aims to focus on an issue of national importance through the lens of the Catholic faith. Featuring workshops and presentations hosted by guest, faculty and student speakers, the Summit looks  not only to identify problems related to the topic, but…
New teacher Rosenzweig exhibits passion for mathematics
New faculty member teaches advanced class in linear algebra and real analysis By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP “I was attracted to the idea of teaching because … I thought it might be interesting to teach talented and motivated high school students,” said Mr. Matthew Rosenzweig, the newest and youngest math teacher on campus. After graduating a year early from Harvard University, Mr. Rosenzweig, a Phoenix Country Day School alumnus,…
New Year, New Opportunities

Change at the start of any school year is to be expected.
However, this year it seems there are a larger number of new faces, organizations and expectations than previous years.
These range from new teachers and policies to a new middle school—Loyola Academy.
In this edition, The Roundup explores these additions and how they continue to shape our identity.

Incoming frosh continue Brophy’s tradition of diversity

The incoming class of 2014 will continue Brophy’s tradition of diversity.

Approximately 340 current eighth graders will make up the newest Brophy freshman class next year, coming from more than 142 different schools, according to Director of Admissions Mr. Mike Ward.

Compared to past incoming classes, the class of 2014 is around the same size as the past five or six classes.

Diversity is also abundant; of the incoming class, about 30 percent is non-white. The accepted non-white group consists primarily of Hispanics, but also African-Americans and Asian-Americans.

‘Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver’ are a definite catch

Many have played and loved “Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal,” keeping the good parts of “Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow” while also adding new and original content.

“Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver,” the remakes of “Gold, Silver and Crystal,” do not disappoint.

I played HeartGold, mainly because Ho-oh, the mascot of both “Pokémon Gold” and “HeartGold,” is pretty darn cool.

Runners keep in step with nature

“They’re weird,” said Will Firth ’11, a Brophy track runner who recently bought a new pair of shoes that have become the newest trend among runners.

Firth unzipped his embroidered Brophy Track and Field bag, dug under his Asics running shoes and gym shorts and pulled out a pair of the newest trend in running shoes.

New teachers bring diverse backgrounds

A great education, an exceptional athletic program, many extra-curricular activities; all of these and more are contributing factors to why students come to Brophy.

But what is it that attracts teachers?

Brophy added six new faculty members this year: Ms. Lauren Karp, Ms. Maria Dominguez-Sullivan, Mr. John Taylor, Mr. Bosco Ho, SJ, Mr. Michael Knickrehm, SJ, and Mr. Eddie Cullen.