Motorola Droid gives iPhone a run for its money

Verizon Wireless released the extremely hyped Motorola Droid on Friday, Nov. 6, proudly fueled by Google’s Android 2.0 operating system.
But what is all the hype about?

As reported by Verizon Wireless, the company recently absorbed the Alltel network into its circle, making the network 80 million users strong.
This qualifies existing Verizon and Alltel users both for the Droid.

According to, the Droid acts as a strong competitor to the almighty Apple iPhone, featuring a full touch screen navigation, high resolution 854 x 440 pixel display, 16GB included and more than 10,000 apps. It is approximately the same dimensions as the iPhone, only with a bit more weight.

Summit to examine globalization and the economy

Throughout its lifetime the annual Summit on Human Dignity has engaged Brophy students in discussion about important issues, a tradition which Brophy will continue this year with the topic of globalization and the economy.

The topic is a broad one, and is intended to be that way. This is because the planners want to cover a variety of subjects over the course of the Summit, according to Assistant Principal for Ministry Mrs. Kim Baldwin, who is chairing the planning committee.

Campus reacts to the H1N1 breakout

Many students have been affected by the swine flu, or have at least thought that they have been affected by the new H1N1 virus.

The number of absences around Brophy due to illness recently spiked to around 130 to 140 students per day, though that figure has since stabilized.

This new threat to the health of Brophy has led to a couple of changes around campus, such as the new Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer dispensers in each class room, the new warning/symptom posters in the Dean’s office and even the occasional swine flu joke.

Campus weathers flu storm—for now

Rumors of Brophy having to close due to the swine flu were shot down by Principal Mr. Bob Ryan who says that while we might not have seen the worst of the flu “we weathered it pretty well.”

But this is not to say the school is taking the H1N1 swine flu lightly. Mr. Ryan said that he has even found himself washing his hands and using the school provided hand sanitizer more frequently.

Mr. Ryan also said that because Brophy’s population spans much of the valley, the idea of closing and letting the flu “run its course” in the community is not as feasible as smaller schools with much smaller communities might be doing at this point in time.