Athletes rely on proper nutrition for heightened energy levels

When an athlete goes through an hour workout or a game that could last hours, their bodies lose necessary nutrients.

Eating the right foods before and after a workout can provide an athlete with more energy.

However, for different sports, or athletes, there are different steps that each should take to get the highest performance.

During a workout, an athlete’s tissue will break down a little bit, so in order to help gain the tissue back they must have a higher intake of protein.

Michael’s tries to balance nutrition with consumption

Chicken tenders, pizza and soda have been staples at Michael’s for the last four years, but more recently healthier alternatives have found their way onto the food provider’s menu.

The healthy options may not be as appealing to students as the standard lunchtime fare, but the options are in place. These include yogurt parfait, mixed fruit cups and garden salad.

Mr. Chris White, a health and sports medicine teacher, said he understands students may be more tempted to choose pizza over yogurt, but still would like to see more healthier alternatives offered.