Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street falsely condemns capitalism

By Aakash Jain ’14
The Roundup

The Occupy Wall Street movement personifies the growing discontent of our nation with public policy.

Many of its adherents claim to be advocating against the widening gap between the rich and poor.

This certainly is a legitimate issue with hefty importance, and as Brophy “Men for Others,” it is our responsibility to seek justice and righteousness.

Nationwide protests revitalizing radical alternative to corporate avarice

By Colin Marston ’13
The Roundup

It has been three years since that period of financial abyss in 2008, and it feels like a blur.

Lehman Brothers was going bankrupt, the Dow Jones plunged 777 points in one day and there was a real possibility of systematic risk in the U.S. financial system and likewise in the world economy.

Occupy Wall Street protests need concrete action

By Joe Skoog ’13
The Roundup

The Occupy Wall Street movement’s main goal is to do away with “business as usual” economic practices by companies around the world.

As good as this may sound, however, this message is far too vague to accomplish anything.

In reality, a more precise and clear mission for these protests are the only ways to create social change.