Student behavior at Mass inappropriate, detrimental to experience
By Hayden Welty ’17 THE ROUNDUP The Issue: Some students are disruptive and rude during Mass. Our Stance: Students need to be respectful during Mass and of the hard work of the OFJ. The actions of some students during recent Masses are inappropriate and hinder an otherwise enjoyable communal celebration. Mass is an integral part of our Brophy community and brings all of us together in united participation. Unfortunately, the…
Attacks on AP U.S. History unwarranted, unreasonable
Photo by CameronBray ’16 — Mr. Matt Hooten teaches an AP U.S. History class Feb. 23rd in Brophy Hall. Some convervatives across the country want to ban the class because they say it is “revisionist” and “anti American.” By Cameron M. Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP It seems that AP U.S. History has become the most controversial course offered by the College Board. Disliking the revisions recently introduced by the College…
Ferguson tragedy reveals dire need for discussion on racial issues
By Cameron M. Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP As we start a new school year, I recall nostalgically last year’s classes – AP European History and the rest – my Magis retreat and even my Sophomore Service Project. However, recent events in Ferguson, MO., have got me thinking about last year’s Summit on Human Dignity, the topic being race. Recently, Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black teenager, was shot six times, twice…
1:1 computing enhances academic experience
The Issue: Brophy students use 1:1 computing practices on a daily basis. Our Stance: While there are benefits and costs to using computers in the classroom, overall the program is well worth it. Technology is firmly entrenched at Brophy as a part of daily student life. In 2007, the school leadership decided to equip each student with a tablet of his own. The school started with Toshiba tablets, later switched…
Supporters of Trayvon Martin should seek justice, not racially-driven arguments
By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP The death of African American teenager Trayvon Martin has triggered a national media frenzy, and the issue of race has been at the forefront. Many rallies have been held in Martin’s honor, often consisting of thousands of people demanding the arrest of his killer, George Zimmerman. Most notably, several civil rights leaders, including Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory and Martin Luther King III, gathered on…
Troy Davis execution provokes question of use of capital punishment

By Andrew J. Barnes ’12
Troy Anthony Davis was executed on Sept. 21 at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison by lethal injection for a crime he was found guilty of committing on Aug. 19, 1989.

The Georgia Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court refused to stop the use of capital punishment or the “death penalty,” as it is commonly known, after Davis allegedly murdered a police officer.

Students should try activism, stop ‘slacktivism’

By Joe Skoog ’13

The rise of social networking sites has allowed for a new phenomenon known as “slacktivism.”

“Slacktivism” is a term used to describe the half-hearted attempts at charity or commitment to specific causes in the world that people do by joining Facebook groups.

Arizona gun laws support citizen’s rights, security for individuals

By Chris Baca ’11 & Brian D. Brannon ’11
The Roundup

Recent turmoil surrounding the tragic event of the Tucson shootings has left many Arizona citizens questioning the validity of the state’s gun laws.

Opponents of Arizona’s firearm-friendly laws cite the easy accessibility to handguns and the ability to easily conceal weapons as possible factors in the shooting.

The facts brought up to support such claims do not necessarily hold ground though as Arizona’s gun laws protect its citizens and their second amendment rights.

Arizona’s gun laws stipulate that a pistol may be purchased only if the buyer is 21 or older; a person may purchase a shotgun or rifle if they are 18 or older.

Student should focus on academics over athletics

One part of the AIMS test this year was a passage where a speech and debate student wrote a letter to the school newspaper saying that it should run more stories about academic clubs, rather than sports.

Most people just read the passage, answered the questions and moved on.

However, the message behind the reading was a very strong one and one that should be heavily considered.

Hunting animals actually helps to save the precious wildlife

The topic of hunting has long been the subject of heated debates and criticism.

In this day and age, it may seem that hunting is unnecessarily cruel, but hunters are actually helping the environment in more ways than one.

The first and most important way that hunters are helping the environment is through the regulation of animal populations.