OPINIONS: Oscars favor obscure films
By Cooper Parson ’20 THE ROUNDUP The Oscars have become an award show that favors movies according to how obscure and “indie” they are rather than if they are actually good movies. In recent years, the Oscar nominees for awards such as best picture have been movies that have little to no press. Not only do these movies have almost no press, but they sometimes aren’t the best movies either.…
Politics looks to dominate Oscar night, Sunday, Feb. 24th
By Jackson Santy ’13 THE ROUNDUP Directors, Hollywood moguls and movie buffs alike are becoming more and more excited as the Oscars approach, Sunday, Feb. 24th. Despite the fact that I am not an actor nor a director, I usually hold an excitement equivalent to those who    are nominated for a golden statuette. However this year after nominations were released, my feelings have changed and my interminable enthusiasm has turned…
Oscar set to be a tight-knit battle between greats
Jackson Santy ’13 THE ROUNDUP Ah, Oscar night—to avid moviegoers, this is the Super Bowl. And just like the hard hits and clutch moments we saw this past February, Oscar night will deliver quite the same thing. With the countless five star films that have received nominations this year, there will be a hard fought battle between them to see who will rein champion of each category. Here are my…
Oscar night to be full of expecting the unexpected

By Jackson Santy ’13

The time has come, and the long awaited nominations for this year’s Academy Awards are in.

This year’s ballot is filled with an abundance of riveting films that did not fail to impress. Critics are setting their sights for the big names this year (The King’s Speech specifically) but I think differently.

Feb. 27 will be a night of the unexpected, names average movie fans may have never heard may be called up to receive their golden statuette.

Little film that could beats box office behemoth at Oscars this year

The Oscars are long done and the victor has been chosen.

According to Hollywood, the best film of 2009 was “The Hurt Locker,” a gritty war film about a man who disarms bombs for a living in modern day Iraq.

Going into the Oscars, it looked as if the only other film to beat it would be

“Avatar,” a sci-fi movie about a paraplegic ex-marine who travels to a faraway planet named Pandora in the distant future.