Obamacare wrong step in the right direction for health care
By Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUDNUP Obamacare continues to anger Republicans, and citizens are losing faith and trust in their government preventing any steps forward in improving health care. Obamacare, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, is a bill passed that allows those without health insurance to receive it and financial aid, and employers will have to provide workers with health benefits. According to Obama, this would not affect…
‘Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag’ steps in right direction for franchise
By Jack McAuslan ’16 THE ROUNDUP 9.5 out of 10 For a long time now, ever since the introduction of naval combat in “Assassins Creed III”, there has been dissension between whether such a dynamic improves the game or makes it too complicated. It seems that this new game is just fuel for the fire; at least half of the game takes place while on the main character’s ship, the…
Conceptual meaning, photojournalism ethics come into play behind ‘the eye’
By Alec Vick ’15 THE ROUNDUP The cover photo for the September edition of The Roundup was an eye, and on the inside of the eye was the logo belonging to the social network site Facebook. The picture caused more discussion around campus that these cover photos typically seem to earn. So I, as the photo editor of The Roundup, would like to share some insight into how I produced…
Fine Arts Extravaganza to add new venues
By Tanner Nypen ’15 THE ROUNDUP The Fine Arts Department and Student Council will come together  Nov. 26 for the 2013 Fine Arts Extravaganza. “We are looking to change a few of the venues, a nd spreading out and using the whole campus, rather than having everything be in mall,” said Mr. Tony Oldani. “We are trying to make the artists and art more accessible to people.” The FAE will…
Brophy honors students at annual assembly

Photo by Sam Wolff ’13

Keith Bender ’11, left, and Jeff Coltin ’11, right, shake hands at the end of Brophy’s annual Student Awards Assembly April 29, 2011. At the assemble Bender was named the class of 2011’s valedictorian and Coltin was named the salutatorian.

The school honors graduating seniors and students from all grade levels at the yearly event.

How to create a descriptive environmental portrait

In The Roundup’s October edition there was an article on Danny Riggs ’11, a defensive end on the football team.

I took the photo of Riggs to accompany the article.

Normally a general rule for photos in The Roundup is that we use candid photos that are not setup or posed.