Rohan Kieth Andresen

Popular hip-hop music praises shallow, superficial decadence

By Rohan Keith Andresen ’12

Every generation has experienced its own unique and defining genre of music; and with each genre, there has been a unique message.

What critically acclaimed American artists of the past sang about conveyed quite different ideals in their music compared to the modern day. For example, The Beatles in the 60s portrayed peace and love.

‘Senioritis’ disguises underlying emotions
By Rohan Keith Andreson ’12 THE ROUNDUP The start of the second semester brought about a common ailment that senior teachers know all too well: senioritis. I have heard this term and experienced it firsthand in some of my senior courses last year; however, this year, I am viewing it in a completely different light. Though I am not prepared to fall short of my responsibilities, and as seniors we…