Student Profile

Komlan takes advantage of all Brophy has to offer
Photo by Andrew Brown ’18 | Axell displays his affinity for the alto saxophone by playing in the concert band. By Josh Spano ’18 THE ROUNDUP  Want to meet someone who shares all of the Graduate at Graduation qualities? Meet Axell-Giovanni Komlan’18. Whenever he walks down any of Brophy’s halls he will smile and say hello to anyone he sees. Fellow Student Council member Justin Pasionek’18 described Komlan as “The nicest and kindest person you’ll…
Regester team ropes, looks forward to rodeo opportunities
Photo by Andrew Brown ’18 – Charlie Regester ’18 prepares to rope a bull at a local ranch. Regester has been roping since sixt grade and has had success in his competitions. By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP Charlie Regester ’18 started riding and roping horses in sixth grade, and in December, he finished in second place out of 210 people in his team roping competition. In this type of…
Ashton tries to build community using school spirit
Photo by AK Alilonu ’16 – Chris Ashton ’15 is a member of student council. He is known for having school spirit and working to build the Brophy community. By Carter Santini ’15 THE ROUNDUP Chris Ashton ’15 says he’s been at almost every home game and Brophy-related event this year driven by a love for the school. Student Council moderator Mr. Pete Burr ’07 said he has been impressed…
Marks shaves head, spreads cancer awareness
By Jack McAuslan ’16 THE ROUNDUP People who know John Marks ’16 noticed at the beginning of October he had shaved his head. “October is breast cancer awareness month, and my mother has been fighting cancer for a little over a year now,” Marks said. “I just thought that I would show her some support and spread awareness about cancer by shaving my head.” One of Marks’ friends, Chris Favela…
Flynn fosters and models ‘culture of inclusion’
By Jackson Santy ’13 THE ROUNDUP Jack Flynn ’13 initially came to Brophy his freshman year for the academics, or at least that was the “justification” he had in the eighth grade. Now as a senior, Flynn has made his mark in far more than just academia, spanning his involvement in Speech and Debate, managing editor of BLAM, the Brophy Literary Arts Magazine, and a volunteer for Teen Lifeline. “Most…
Guitarist draws on legends for inspiration

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Junior Kevin Cabano ’12 is a hard person to miss in a crowd.

His curly hair fashioned into a large mop on top of his head has made him quite recognizable.

But there is much more to Cabano than his crazy hairdo.