Teachers share tips, tricks for student methods
By Hayden Welty ’19 THE ROUNDUP For many students, accelerated curriculum and heavy workloads dominate daily life and facilitate a proactive work ethic. Teachers assert that innovative methods can aid students in accomplishing their ambitions and said tips for how to best study can fall into two categories: Inventive and Scientific. English teacher Mr. Tom Danforth ’78 said in an email to The Roundup that studying together is something he…
Traditional schedule conducive to student learning
By Jack Cahill ’17 THE ROUNDUP The current school schedule of six or seven 45-50 minute periods each day is most conducive to learning, according to studies and students. The school schedule we have, known generally as the “traditional schedule,” is most common in U.S. schools, including our own. However, alternatives have been proposed, and are in practice in schools across the country, such as the so called “block schedule.”…
Finals intimidate, students need to make plan

By Colin M. Prenger ’11

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the light is winter break.

The only thing standing between you and winter break is finals week.

The one and only goal for students during finals is to make it to the other side of this daunting week alive with good test results.

Study measures faith changes between senior, freshman years

Brophy prides itself on being the only Jesuit high school in Arizona since 1928 and on providing the impetus for spiritual growth in accordance with Jesuit ideals.

In a survey by The Roundup, in conjunction with Mr. Tim Sanford’s statistics class, 21 percent of the 70 seniors asked said their religious beliefs had changed from freshman to senior year.

Meanwhile, when 70 freshmen were asked the same question in March, 14 percent stated that their religious beliefs had already changed.

Michael’s tries to balance nutrition with consumption

Chicken tenders, pizza and soda have been staples at Michael’s for the last four years, but more recently healthier alternatives have found their way onto the food provider’s menu.

The healthy options may not be as appealing to students as the standard lunchtime fare, but the options are in place. These include yogurt parfait, mixed fruit cups and garden salad.

Mr. Chris White, a health and sports medicine teacher, said he understands students may be more tempted to choose pizza over yogurt, but still would like to see more healthier alternatives offered.