How do you come up with a summit topic?

By Colin Marston ’13

The Summit on Human Dignity is a wide and all-encompassing event that involves practically the entire Brophy community.

But who determines its topic every year?

Its birth starts with e-mail proposals each spring, sent to Mrs. Kim Baldwin, assistant principal for ministry in the Office of Faith and Justice.

‘Food Inc.’ leaves companies walking on eggshells

By Josh Galvin ’13

It may seem like a silly question, but do people really know where their food comes from?

This is exactly what Robert Kenner, director and producer of “Food Inc.,” sets out to answer in his documentary.

In the film, the questionable inner workings of the commercial food industry that most do not know about are brought to light.

Familiarity, branding is the downfall of the battle against big business

Commentary by Sean Harris ’11

Everyone knows McDonald’s food is bad, right?

With kitchens that smell like blocked arteries, the fight against fast food has been waging fiercely as of late, and with the Summit on Human Dignity being focused in on the issue of food, Brophy students are likely to carry this hamburger hate in the same fashion as they adorned Nike “Slavery” shirts last year.

Summit makes Brophy a better school

The issue: The annual Summit on Human Dignity hits campus.
Our stance: The Summit creates enlightened individuals who are educated about the problems of today’s world.
As the Summit dawns upon the Brophy population once again, it seems as if holding these two week long focuses is just a normal fact of school life.

In actuality, a closer look shows this is something incredibly special, and almost no other high school hosts such a yearly event.

This is something that makes Brophy different. Not only is it a unique event, but it contributes to making Brophy students more enlightened individuals.

Food production, intake top expectations for Summit

By Colin M. Prenger ’11/THE ROUNDUP
“Food: From Farm to Table” is this year’s Summit on Human Dignity theme and is expected to raise awareness and consciousness for the student body with regards to sustainable food intake and production.
To be more specific, the intake portion of the Summit concerns nutrition and what foods are good and bad for us. Production is about where food comes from, and how it gets to our table in addition to who has access to food.
The Summit will run from Feb. 28 to March 11.

Nike Swoosh makes campus comeback

“Just do it.”

Buy Nike.

The temptation is back as Jim Keady’s message from last year’s Summit fades in many students’ minds.

It appears that his words have become less powerful after the summer break, and now students face a difficult decision: Should I give in to the temptation of showing that Swoosh?

Economic focus delivers important message

Brophy has traditionally put on a fairly good Summit.

The topics have been controversial to say the least, but this is to be expected from topics which carry such importance.

Each has also been covered very well, and stimulated much discussion and argumentation.

Student committee prepares workshops, field trips

About 20 Brophy students ranging from sophomores to seniors engage in a back and forth conversation in room K-10 in early January trying to get the last minute details ready for this year’s Summit on Human Dignity.

This group of students, officially known as the Student Summit Planning Committee, has been working hard since October to offer students a Summit they can not only relate to, but enjoy and learn from to make changes in their life.