iPads have pros and cons for future students
By Michael Ahearne ’14 THE ROUNDUP   I pull my finger back on the screen, take aim and fire. I watch as my little bird flies across the screen hurling towards a group of pigs, surrounded by a wooden structure. This game is “Angry Birds.” This is just one of the hundreds of thousands of apps located on Apple’s App Store. Brophy, a one-to-one computing school, is replacing the Tablet…
In-class gaming poses major student distraction

By Jackson Santy ’13

In 2006 Brophy jumped into the technological education world by introducing the Tablet PC program on campus.

Brophy’s class of 2010 was the first class to be introduced to the Toshiba laptops.

Brophy introduces new tablets

By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14

In the busy office of K13, Mr. Mark Pettit is surrounded by computers and at the top of the stacks are the new Lenova laptops Brophy supplies to freshmen.

Mr. Pettit explained the reasons why Brophy moved from Toshiba, which had been the face of the school’s Tablet program for five years, to Lenova.

iPad debuts as all in one Tablet, e-reader

This is not a genuine laptop, nor is this is a supersized iPhone.

The Apple iPad is completely new to the precipitous platform where all great technological advances have stood.

To be released in March, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller claims that the iPad “is going to change the way we do the things we do, everyday.”

Tablets, tech advances create constant change

Brophy students study history and learn about the Ice Age, the Dark Age and the Middle Ages; Brophy is now feeling the full impact of the Tablet Age.

In the Tablet Age, the only thing that remains unchanged is change itself.

As Tablets became the campus norm, Brophy changed from a typical high school into a cyber-school. Now that every student possesses a Tablet, there are e-mail announcements, online quizzes and the technology room is busier than ever.

Computerized campus adjusts to learning curve

Three years ago, I was one of a few hundred green Brophy freshmen standing in line to collect their computers as part of the new Tablet program.

We have since had the unique experience of watching the program evolve from being a class-exclusive experience to being a school-wide phenomenon.

BCP completes Tablet conversion

Welcome to Classroom 2.0.
This year’s incoming freshmen make up the fourth “Tablet class,” marking the first year in Brophy history that all four classes are equipped with personal computers.