teacher profile

Kauffman provides ‘motherly’ presence in classroom

By Mason Smith ’11

Moms are typically people who show unconditional love to their child even though they might do something to upset her, she still loves them.

Mrs. Deborah Kauffman is described by many students as having a “motherly” presence in the classroom.

Teacher McShane ‘brings learning to another dimension’

By Colin Marston ’13

Mr. Lane McShane ’82 continues after 17 years of teaching to be a very interesting, refreshing figure on campus.

Attending Brophy from 1978 to 1982, Mr. McShane, who currently teaches English, came back to teach in 1994 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Education degree from ASU.

He rates American literature as his favorite class to teach and be immersed in.

“Catcher in the Rye, Poe, the materials are really great,” Mr. McShane said.

Ewing applies Harvard Ph.D. to history classes

Which teacher has the nickname “Samboni,” and was identified as a potential funeral director in a career test?

Answer: Dr. Sam Ewing, who was born in Orange County, Calif.

Dr. Ewing explained Orange County had a different connotation when he was younger, rather than that displayed by the popular television show.