Tony Fuller

Bigege shoots for Michigan colleges
Photo by Matthew Montes ’15 – Rus Bigege ’15 plays in the game against Corona Del Sol Jan. 8. This past year Bigege switched from basketball to soccer. By Brendan Hinkle ’16 THE ROUNDUP Rus Bigege ’15 decided to switch from playing varsity basketball last year to varsity soccer this year. “Out of basketball and soccer I’d have to say soccer is my favorite,” Bigege said. “I’ve played soccer since…
Basketball point guard bounces back from injury
Connor Bradshaw Van Lier Ribbink ’13 THE ROUNDUP During the first basketball game of the season, Austin Hammond ’13 dove for a routine loose ball in the fourth quarter which resulted in a scrum with some opposing players on top of Hammond. When Hammond stood back up he had a sprained collarbone, concussion and his season was drastically changed. Hammond started playing basketball in fifth grade and found his niche…
Fuller coaches team to 21-win season

Varsity basketball player Justin Hamman ’11 summed up coach Mr. Tony Fuller with two definitions.

“If coach Fuller was defined in a dictionary, the first line would read: a true enthusiast to the game of basketball, originated in Detroit. The second line would read: The characteristic of always putting the well-being of one’s players before one’s enthusiasm, with occasional increases in volume of voice.”

For one of the few times in Brophy’s history, this year the basketball team with coach Mr. Fuller made it to the state championship.