Transportation, restaurants, contribute to Phoenix growth
By Josh Spano ’18 THE ROUNDUP Phoenix is the sixth biggest city in the United States and has grown from 790,000 residents to 1,560,000 in the last 30 years. As the city continues to grow so do the sprawling suburbs around it. Physics Teacher Mr. Mike Welty ’83 has seen the growth of Phoenix’s suburbs. “In high school I did a lot of theatre, and north of Bell Road you…
Transportation inequity can be confronted in our everyday lives
By Joe Skoog ’13 THE ROUDUP  Travel is seen as an integral part of the American Dream. Whether it be through family vacations consisting of long road trips in cramped conditions, or even driving to school, the idea of being able to travel easily is taken for granted by many, including Brophy students. Instead of thinking about transportation as a simple mechanism of getting from point A to point B,…
Economics factor into how students get to school
By Charles Louis Dominguez ’14 THE ROUNDUP On any given day, all of Brophy’s three parking lots are tightly packed with cars of all types. Although this could give some the impression that Brophy is simply a school of well-off drivers and carpools, students utilize several means of transportation in order to get to and from campus. This diversity in how students find their way to school is a visible…
Students use Metro Light Rail for transportation to campus
Students recall Light Rail experiences By Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUNDUP Brophy students live in many areas around Phoenix, some farther away than others. The ways students often carpool with classmates, ride in with parents, walk or take the Phoenix Light Rail. For some, the Light Rail makes up the end and beginning of each day. The Light Rail opened in December of 2008. It cost $1.4 billion to build,…
Rising gas prices squeeze students at pump, pocketbook

By Eric Villanueva ’11

At 7:21 a.m. on a Thursday morning, a tan Toyota Sequoia pulls into Brophy’s south parking Lot.

With a 20 gallon gas tank and 15 to 16 miles per gallon rating, student driver Tommy Hartman ’12 feels the pinch at the gas pump every two or three days with his 30-mile commute to and from Brophy and his home in Mesa.

Faculty sport alternative transportation to save environment, money

On any day, three to five teachers’ bikes are parked in the bike racks below Eller.

These days climate change and rising gas prices entice many Brophy employees to bike or ride mass transit to school.

Forty-three Brophy teachers and employees currently participate in the alternative transportation program, according to Mr. John Buchanan, Brophy security director.