Waiting for Superman

‘Waiting for Superman’ makes Superman cry

By Rohan Andresen ’12

“Waiting for Superman,” a well-made documentary by Davis Guggenheim, illustrates how dysfunctional our public school system has become.

It follows the stories of five children, many of whom are from families that struggle economically, who are trying to seek a good education.

Their parents are met with tough obstacles that ultimately lead up to all five students (Daisy, Emily, Francisco, Bianca and Anthony) applying for the lottery that public schools offer.

Students immerse in ‘Waiting for Superman’ dialogue

By Michael Mandeville ’11

Davis Guggenheim’s most recent film “Waiting for Superman,” a look at the broken American public school system, sparked national debate and concern.

Brophy students had their opportunity to become a part of the discussion on Nov. 1 during a screening of the documentary presented by Wells Fargo Bank followed by an open discussion.

A diverse mix ranging from fifth-graders all the way to high school seniors (primarily enrolled in public education) filled Scottsdale’s Camelview 5 Theater for the event.