It Came From the Internet

By Greg Goulder  ’13

Sure, there’s Facebook and Farmville on the Internet, but how many useful websites do you have on your favorites bar?

Here are just a few useful websites that will get your favorites bar in better condition.


Do you ever find yourself listening to a good song on the radio, but you just don’t remember the name or the artist?

Fortunately, findmeatune.com is here to help.

The website takes the shape of a simple search engine; type in just a few words of the lyrics from the song you are searching for.

On most occasions, it will show you the artist, song name and a link to the full lyrics.

If you prefer the written word over music, there’s a website that can help as well.


Yournextread.com is a great website for finding more books to read.

On this site, you can create an account to share books with friends, or simply type in the name of a book that you had enjoyed in the past.

The website will show a list of other similar books that you might enjoy.

If you click on one of these books, the website will provide a series of reviews, links to purchase the book on amazon.com and other books similar to that book.

The result is a massive web of similar books, all to help you find a new book to read.

To take this another step, create an account on the website and share your favorite books with friends.


Any self-respecting Brophy student knows how to screen clip like a pro, but how many know how to take a video of their screen?

Screenr.com is a free desktop and voice recorder.

And the best part is that you don’t have to download or install anything, unlike somthing like Jing.

Simply click the record button and begin.

Your computer will ask to run the program and a resizable box will appear on your screen.

Resize this screen to fit what you want to record, and you’re all set to capture your desktop and whatever happens on it.

There are numerous tutorials for this website online, but it is very simple to use even without a tutorial.

Hopefully, these three websites will get you off to a good start in filling your favorites bar with more than Facebook, Blackboard and Netclassroom.