It Came from the Internet

By Brett A. Mejia ’13


Are you a lover of Arizona?

How about off-roading? What about history?

Azoffroad.net is the place to find everything there is to know about what Arizona really has to offer.

Created by Brophy student Scotty Koch ’13, the website is chock-full of Arizona history and pre-planned family trips throughout the state.

The website provides an atlas-type experience of what to do in the wide-open desert.

There are more than 15 different ATV trails listed and each provides aerial views of the trail and directions to get there.


Newsmap.jp offers an innovative way to find news on the go by providing the latest updates on news, sports, entertainment and technology.

On the website’s homepage there are many ongoing stories, each organized by its subject matter and identified by the color of the box it’s featured in.

Clicking a box will send viewers to the site where the article was originally published.

There are also tabs that feature the top news in different categories.


Are you interested in being a part of an expedition that entails the possible sighting of Bigfoot?

Bfro.net will take you to where only a few have been by setting up expeditions for anyone who is interested in finding the mythical beast.

The website offers intuitive expeditions all over the country that one can be a part of by providing an interactive map on the homepage that will take you to where you can sign up.

Also on the homepage are two links that will provide legends and the numerous sightings of Bigfoot.

“The Hopi elders believe that the increasing appearances of Bigfoot are not only a message or warning to the individuals or communities to whom he appears, but to humankind at large,” according to Bfro.net.

“The Iroquois of the Northeast view Bigfoot much in the same way the Hopi do, as a messenger from the Creator trying to warn humans to change their ways or face disaster,” the website proclaims.

Finally, to try and convince you that Bigfoot is real, the website provides a video on the homepage that shows the first thermal images of Bigfoot.