It Came From the Internet

By Chase Stevens ’12


Have you ever seen something so stupid on the internet that words could not describe it?

Reactiongifs.com allows you to accurately communicate your contempt and disgust towards said idiocy.

The website is a collections of reactions from various forms of media, from TV shows to movies, that allow you to express your emotions in ways not formerly possible on the Internet.

They do this by using a form of digital image called a “GIF.” A “GIF” is a short animation without sound that repeats itself.

Many gifs on the site are from pop culture, ranging from “The Office” to Clint Eastwood.

You can take these moving pictures and use them however you see fit.

So the next time your friend posts something odd on facebook, instead of just telling him that he’s weird, you can instead show Ice Cube looking confused and disappointed at him.



If there’s one thing Brophy students are good at, it’s procrastination.

Procatinator.com is the ultimate tool for procrastination. Specifically designed for such purposes, the website pairs an animation of a cat doing a silly thing with an even sillier song.

The site is simple yet effective. What it lacks in complexity is made up for in pure entertainment value.

There’s something about cats specifically that makes this site that much better. Prodoginator or Probirdinator wouldn’t be able to captivate audiences in the same way that Procatinator does.

While gifs of cats on their own are both amazing and bountiful on the Internet, the added music makes Procatinator really stand out among a sea of cats.

The overall ease of finding another cat and music combination, added with the design of the interface and overall aesthetic make procatinator one of the best tools to not do work.