It Came From The Internet!

By Christian Guerithault ’14


Have you ever had an essay to write and never knew where to begin your research?

If the answer to the question above is yes then Infoplease.com is your solution.

Infoplease.com is a database that consists of encyclopedias, atlases, thesauruses and other materials used to obtain information about almost anything.

If you would like your research from a specific source such as an almanac, encyclopedia, biography, dictionary or even spell checker then you can narrow your research by selecting one of the choices from the area next to the search bar.

Infoplease.com can be a student’s best friend if they are stuck on a paper and have no idea where to begin their research. Even though the sources may have reliable information, not all sources are primary sources so cite them with caution.


Do you ever find yourself bored and looking for something to entertain yourself with?

Sporcle.com is a website where you can take many fun quizzes for free.

If you are looking to test your knowledge about a topic, Sporcle.com has a large variety of subjects.

If you are interested in sports you can take different quizzes about a specific sport, if you are interested in geography you can take different quizzes about the world. These are just a few examples out of many.

It does not matter what your interests are, Sporcle.com will have a fun and entertaining quiz for you.


Not every student can afford to travel around the country visiting colleges.

Why should a student not apply to a college just because they are unable to tour it in person?

For those who are unable to tour colleges they want to, Campustours.com is for you.

Campustours.com is a virtual alternative for visiting many universities around the country.

Just go to campustours.com and search for the university that you would like to visit.

Some of the information presented on the page consists of degrees offered, type of school, tuition, enrollment statistics and much more.

Of course nothing may be as good as experiencing a school’s atmosphere in person, but this is a good alternative to not seeing it at all.