It came from the Internet

By Jace Riley ’16


School can be stressful.

Constant tests and hours of homework leave students exhausted.

Sometimes students just want to do nothing.

When you go to this website, you are given one objective: Just relax and listen to the waves.

If you touch your mouse or keyboard, the timer restarts back at two minutes.

This website forces you to calm down and relax.

It allows you to rid your stresses of your life, for two minutes at least.



While this isn’t the most soothing way to relax, it is funny and can get matters of the day off of your mind.

You move a ball around a circle that has the word “zone” in it.

Your goal: keep Kanye out of his zone.

You move your ball around bouncing Kanye away, taking his song about how you shouldn’t let him into his zone to a whole new meaning.

Whether you like Kanye or just want some pointless fun, give it a try.



Feeling up for a challenge?

Then prepare to be tested by some puzzling riddles.

Once you begin, you are given a riddle.

If you can somehow manage to complete these difficulty increasing riddles, you put your answer in the URL box.

If you are correct, a new page pops up with a new riddle.

If you can pass a few levels, you are really good at riddles.



Another quiz like game, however on this site you get one image from a movie.

Your goal is to guess what movie it is.

It uses movies from a while back, so an extensive movie knowledge is necessary, or at least IMDB.com open in another tab.



Everyone sees photos of people pointing at something off in the distance.

This website looks for those photos and puts them on the screen when you click.

The fun side to this is that the photo points to where you clicked. Thus the name Pointer Pointer.

It’s also fairly accurate to where you clicked.

Tons of random images come up just to amuse you.