It Came From The Internet

By Brian Brannon ’11
The Roundup


I often find myself coming home after a long day and turning on the news only to be met with stories of warfare, failing economies and Apple product shortages.

After many years of crying after watching such news I found an antidote, TheOnion.com.

Every time I think of an onion I imagine crying because of its offensive vapors.

Likewise, The Onion makes me cry in shear laughter every time I visit.

It provides hard-news stories, television broadcasts and deep political discussion based, largely, on completely imaginary subjects.

For instance a recent article presented on The Onion recently discussed a new Google phone app  that whispers advertisements into the ears of its user.

Whatever comical remedies one needs to lighten their day The Onion provides a wonderful outlet.


Are you prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse?

Zombrex.com is a website dedicated to the education, prevention and care of all things post-apocalyptical.

Included in the advertisements for the website the site features its trademark product, Zombrex, which inoculates its users from certain strains of the coming plague.

Satirical remarks aside, Zombrex.com is a wonderfully created site geared towards its user killing a few of their boring moments throughout the day.

Additionally it provides a perfect example of how America’s private industry might respond to a plague-like disaster.

If you’re a zombie-fan or just looking to escape a few otherwise mundane moments Zombrex.com is definitely worth looking into.


Hello, do you wish your voicemail sounded like the sweet sound of manly vibrato?

Well, with the help of Isaiah Mustafa (The Old Spice Man) and a few web designers your bland and depressing voicemail can be turned into an example of pure masculinity.

Oldspicevoicemail.com provides its users with a series of options for customizing their personal voice message into a hysterical and satirical statement.

Some of these options will tell the caller why you can’t answer the phone; whether you are building an orphanage with your bare hands or cracking walnuts with your man mind.

Every audible statement is a recording by Isaiah Mustafa himself to ensure its macho perfection.