It Came from the Internet: November

By Jackson Santy ’13


Sometimes finding new music can be a tough road to navigate. Not anymore.

This site is for the everyday music hunter, who is always looking to fill up their playlists with new songs.

Upon reaching the homepage, visitors are prompted with a simple text bar where they are asked to enter a name of a band that browsers like.

The site then creates a web around the name of the band giving three to five new groups that contain similar qualities.

Browsers have the option to select from the list to hear samples from their most popular songs.

Visitors then have the option again to select from a new seed of bands.

The chain goes on and on, thus creating a “music maze.”


Finally, the perfect site has been created for today’s aspiring writers, poets and lyricists.

Languageisavirus.com is a site designed to “cure writers block” by providing things like writing tips, character name generators and myriad interactive activities to help finally write that next best-seller, or essay at least.

Along with the many interactive aspects of the site, Languageisavirus.com also features periodicals from such writing greats as Kerouac, Eliot and Whitman, as well as daily exercises to hone creative writing skills.

Some of the most unique features of the site include the “Cut Up Machine,” where visitors enter blocks of text and then the text is randomized to form a new body of text. The “Cut Up Machine” is perfect for the ambitious poet.

Another popular feature is the “Sentence Builder,” an application that can mix and split up sentences and rejoin them in new ways.

Besides these activities, I highly recommend checking out the “Title-O-Matic,” “Haiku-A-Tron” and the “Madlib Poem.”