Kolb uses summer trip to China to help engage in class material

By Chase L. Manson ’16

Science teacher Mr. Patrick Kolb, is known for his dry wit.

This year he celebrates his sixth year at Brophy.

He has taught Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Geology and currently teaches four sections of Environmental Science.

Environmental Science is a year long course for sophomores that focuses on the Earth and natural disasters.

“I really like teaching the course I teach right now,” Mr. Kolb said. “I like to make connections to things I have done.”

Mr. Kolb’s “connections” would be his summer trip China, which he described as “eye-opening.”

“You think people are different and they are,” Mr. Kolb said. “Culture is different and there is a lot of people (in China).”

Mr. Kolb uses his trip to relate issues such as pollution, farming and over-population issues.

“I think my entire trip relates to the class,” Mr. Kolb said. “Everything is related.”

Ian Bolton ’16, a student of Mr. Kolb said he, has found the stories of his trip insightful.

“He uses it to talk about cultures and how they differ,” Bolton said. “It gives us a different perspective.”

In addition to teaching Mr. Kolb moderates Quiz, Science and History Bowl and used to direct the Jesuit Eco-Spiritually immersion to Canada. He also used to moderate the math SAT prep class.

Before coming to Brophy Mr. Kolb  taught at Basis, teaching 5th grade science.

Mr. Kolb said he enjoys being at Brophy and said he really enjoys being at Brophy

“At Brophy we have good kids, good faculty and lots of things to do,” Mr. Kolb said. “You don’t have to teach the material, you have to make connections.”

Mr. Kolb said he never actually wanted to become a teacher from the get-go.

“I fell in love with teaching when I was a TA in grad school,” Mr. Kolb said. “It is more of a want to teach … and I love science.”