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Komlan takes advantage of all Brophy has to offer

Photo by Andrew Brown ’18 | Axell displays his affinity for the alto saxophone by playing in the concert band.

By Josh Spano ’18

Want to meet someone who shares all of the Graduate at Graduation qualities?

Meet Axell-Giovanni Komlan’18.

Whenever he walks down any of Brophy’s halls he will smile and say hello to anyone he sees.

Fellow Student Council member Justin Pasionek’18 described Komlan as “The nicest and kindest person you’ll ever get to know and he is just a great guy.”

Some things Komlan takes part in is the band program where he plays the saxophone, mentors freshmen in the Big Brothers program, and is a first year Student Council member.

“I am taking advantage of all the academic and social extracurricular resources that we have here.” Komlan said“But, I still have some room to grow for myself both spiritually and personally.”

One person Komlan takes inspiration from is his father, who is an immigrant from the country of Togo.

“Because of the struggle that my father had to go through in order to come to America and to face a whole new culture. Whatever struggle that he has been through he has always been able to overcome it,” Komlan said.

“That inspires me because any problem I can go through I can always come out on top because of my dad,” Komlan said.

Komlan said he is looking forward to “participating in retreats” and “wants to overall do well this year.” 

He described Brophy as both “generous and giving” and is extremely grateful for the opportunities given to him through Brophy.

“I am not so sure about what I want to do,” Komlan said about his future career plans. “Maybe be a heart surgeon.”

Spanish teacher Mr. Richard Córdova described Komlan as “a great human being, kind, polite, a hard worker, and is willing to help anybody.”

Even though Komlan may not know what he wants to do in the future he did say he wants to help others.

“I want to help people in a way that those who don’t have the same opportunities and resources that we all have,” he said.

For college Komlan is looking to go out of state because “I have been here my entire life.”

If accepted into an Ivy League school, “That would be A-OK.” Komlan said.

One of Komlan’s hidden talents is that he knows karate.

“I made it to a purple belt, so if you guys ever cross my path and kinda mess with me, watch out,” Komlan said jokingly.