Krimzon makes comeback on center stage

By Kristofer Venezia ’11

Photo by Ben Jackson '11 - Connor Genta '11 performs at the Nov. 24 Fine Arts Extravaganza.
Photo by Ben Jackson '11 - Connor Genta '11 performs at the Nov. 24 Fine Arts Extravaganza.

Dozens of Brophy and Xavier students crowded around the doors of the Black Box Theater during the Fine Arts Extravaganza Nov. 24.

The crowd chanted as they waited for the doors to open and see “Krimzon,” better known as Connor Genta ’11, light up the stage with his new set of tracks.

The students filled the Black Box to standing room only, and 20 minutes later the star of the show dropped the mic and made his way off stage with a roar from the audience.

Jimmy Blaha ’11, who witnessed the performance, said, “It was a lot better than I expected.”

Although many enjoyed the show, there were still some critics who gave Krimzon some slack after the performance.

I recently caught up with the rapper to get his own thoughts on his fans, as well as his critics.

“I want everyone to know that I write and produce and edit all of my work, and everything I put out is original,” Genta said.

The beats Krimzon puts together would fall under the genre Hip-Hop, and he began his music career as a freshman.

I remember where I was the first time I heard a Krimzon song, sitting at my desk in Mr. Middlemist’s ’87 class.

I was impressed with what I heard. Then, a few days after my first taste, Krimzon bestowed upon me a four song CD of his most precious beats.

Car rides, homework and my first date were all embraced with this intoxicating array of sound. I began to yearn for a new Krimzon song more than I yearned for my first kiss.

Neither one came then, but Krimzon did come out with a new song over the summer titled, “Take it All Back.”

In this song, he sends a message to his fans that the old him is gone. One verse proclaims, “I hate what I’ve done, delete all the files.”

The time off proved to be very helpful for Genta, as this and many other new songs, are much cleaner and his lyrics more inspiring.

His older tracks are no longer available on Pure Volume, but you can find “Take It All Back” on the Web site: www.purevolume.com/krimzonkid.

Krimzon was satisfied with his last performance, but when asked if he would be performing again anytime soon he said, “I really don’t know right now.”