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‘Luke Cage’ delivers great plot and character development

Photo Courtesy of Tribune News Service | Marvel’s Luke Cage depicts the life of a character  in the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayed in other TV series like Jessica Jones.

‘Luke Cage’ — starring Mike Colter, Simone Cook, Mahershala Ali, Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi
8 out of 10

By Sam Romero ’17 & Juan Ramirez ’18


Netflix released a new television show connecting to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Luke Cage,” expanding the Marvel franchise.

Director Cheo Hodari Coker does an amazing job incorporating the Luke Cage in the comics to the big screen.

Mike Colter plays Cage in the series and has an almost perfect character development from a barbershop worker to fighting crime on the streets of Harlem.

The direct references to the old comics, like calling Cage “Power Man” randomly throughout the series, gives comic book fans a laugh at his old name.

Mahershala Ali’s performance as Cottonmouth, a notorious crime boss, is terrifyingly good and perfectly shows the audience how crazy the character is while also being smart and professional.

The untimely deaths of many core cast members is something not many directors want to approach, but Coker keeps the audience on the edge of their seats by doing so.

One interesting aspect of the series is the plot focus.

The plot emphasizes character development rather than huge fight scenes because Cage is such a well-known character in the super-hero universe.

Thanks to an influential old barber nicknamed “Pop,” Cage is able to start over with better values and morals.

The setting of “Luke Cage,” Harlem, has great effect on the character because he foresees himself as the protector of his community.

The only complaint with the series is the fight scenes.

Marvel is famous for their action scenes, but Cage’s fight scenes were missing the well rehearsed and exciting aspects.

“Luke Cage” is in the same universe as the “Iron Man” movies and “The Avengers” movies so everything that happens in the series effects and is tied into the Marvel movies.

“Luke Cage” is the third installment of the Netflix television shows after “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” but before the release of “Iron Fist.”

All of these shows are leading up to “The Defenders,” which will be “The Avengers” but in a television series and will join “The Avengers” in the upcoming movies.