4 teachers become new parents this year

Photos courtesy of the Munro, Kolb, Agliano and Hylle family | Inés Munro (top left), Margaret Kolb (top right), Ezra Hylle (bottom left) and Grace Agliano (bottom right) are all baby girls born to Brophy faculty within the past year.

By Edwin Perez ’18

A new year has brought new life to the Brophy community with the addition of of four new babies.

Mr. Chris Agliano and Mrs. Megan Agliano, Mrs. Kalli Hylle, Mr. Patrick Kolb and Mr. Ian Munro were those who recently had a baby.

Abigail Agliano, Izara Hylle, Margaret Kolb and Inetz Munro are the name of the baby Broncos on campus.

All four of these babies all have one thing in common with each other: All the four babies are girls. In an all male high school the babies turned out to be all girls.

Mr. Kolb is one of the new parents on campus and teaches Geometry. Now he faces a balance between being a teacher and a parent.

“When you have your own child, that child should become the focus.  Prioritizations thus change.  Certain things are no longer as important as they used to be because your child has replaced them,” Mr. Kolb said.” Upon having a child, it is a constant reminder that the students I teach are as important to their parents as Margaret is to myself.  That helps put things into perspective.”

Mr. Agliano is another of these new parents on campus and he teaches religion courses. He has embraced this role.

“Words cannot describe the experience and joy of having a child. Abby is evidence of God’s love for my wife and me,” Mr. Agliano said.

Jarrett Davis ’18 is in Mrs. Agliano’s Christian Ethics and Morality class. He said he believes that the new baby has not distracted her from her teaching.

“She has refrained from mentioning the baby that much during class because she focuses on her class,” Davis said.